RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Dermatology. Referrals in Canine Ear & Skin Disease


“Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field”

We came to see Mr Bentley when our miniature daschund started losing her fur and looked as if she had a terrible skin condition. Mr Bentley tested her for every condition he could think of and took skin biopsies and did everything within his ability to try and find out what was wrong with her. He was very thorough, excellent in his research, excellent in his manner, excellent in his updates and results and prescribed the best medicines he could. Tilly dog is now almost 100% back to normal. Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field!

Clair Davis

“After being recommended to see Mr Bentley we could not have been happier”

Our little dog had been suffering for years with a skin condition which our old vets had never managed to get on top of. After being recommended to see Mr Bentley we could not have been happier. Just two months later and he’s all sorted. Mr Bentley is incredibly knowledgeable and a specialist in the field. Cannot recommend highly enough. Many thanks from us and Arnold

Paul Fish

“I had complete faith in him to do what ever he felt necessary”

My 5 year old cocker spaniel had been suffering from a recurrent infection in his 2 back paws for several months and was constantly on antibiotics which didn’t seem to be doing anything to clear up the infection. His vet was reluctant to do any further investigation and was happy to keep prescribing antibiotics. I decided to seek a second opinion from a veterinary dermatologist as Alfie was getting worse and had started limping as his paws were obviously very sore.

I first met with David Bentley on 24 December 2014 and he was very quick to make a diagnosis and confirmed this with a swab taken from the infected site. He was happy to answer any questions I had and gave me all the information regarding Alfie’s condition (including worse case scenario). We were at his practice for over 2 hours and left with Alfie’s 2 back paws completely shaved and medication prescribed along with foot wash and a spray.

In 2 days I saw a big improvement, no limping or continual licking of feet and a much happier dog who wanted to play again. I returned on 5 January and after a thorough examination David confirmed Alfie’s infection had completely cleared and the skin all healed.

I wish I had consulted David Bentley sooner but so glad I did make the decision to do so. The infection Alfie had was resilient to most antibiotics and antiseptics so would never have cleared up and would have just got progressively worse. I have already recommended David’s skin clinic to other people and have been so happy with the practice and its staff as a whole I have decided to have all of Alfie’s future veterinary needs taken care of here.

Many thanks for a first class professional service from start to finish for Alfie, who is now enjoying his life again especially his long walks at Bradgate Park. David Bentley is very knowledgable in his specialised field and I had complete faith in him to do what ever he felt necessary to help Alfie get back to full fitness.

Louise Wood