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“Remove the stress for yourself and your client when dealing with difficult skin or ear cases and refer to a Veterinary Dermatologist”

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The Dermvet Skin and Ear Clinic is run by veterinary surgeon and dermatologist David Bentley BVSc Cert.SAD MRCVS, based at 15 Ratby Road Groby Leicester LE6 0GF

Intradermal Skin test Dermvet Leicester David Bentley

Allergy Testing

Allergen-specific Immunotherapy, based on the results of intradermal skin testing and/or serological testing, has been found to be effective at reducing the degree of pruritus suffered in atopic dogs by at least 50% in approximately 75% of cases.


TECA-LBO surgery

I performed my first Total Ear Canal Ablation/Lateral Bulla Osteotomy in 1991 and since that time have performed the procedure over 300 times.

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The treatment of pet skin and ear diseases accounts for a large proportion of the work in a typical small veterinary practice, but without the proper knowledge and training, these conditions can be treated incorrectly. In fact, two recent surveys show that failure to deal with skin and ear cases are one of the top reasons for clients changing vets.

At Dermvet Skin & Ear Clinic, you have the opportunity to refer your problem skin case to an experienced veterinary dermatologist who is  passionate about taking time to unravel the complex issues that often have to be considered when dealing with small animal skin and ear diseases.

Our  clinic is based at 15 Ratby Road Groby Leicester LE6 0GF and is run by veterinary surgeon David Bentley RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Dermatology. David has  24+ years experience as a Veterinary Dermatologist since gaining his Certificate in Small Animal Dermatology in 1994,  is a member of BVDSG and ESVD and he regularly attends meetings and conferences at home and abroad.

There is no quick fix for ear and skin diseases; some cases will need to visit the clinic several times before a definitive diagnosis is made. This is because a list of differential diagnoses has to be worked through, using a logical and reasoned approach.

Diagnostic tests also need to be completed, such as skin biopsies, dietary trials, cytology and skin scrapings. Once a diagnosis has been established we will work with your client to decide on the best treatment options for them client and their pet. 

Treatment options will be based on the most current knowledge there is in veterinary dermatology. We will also discuss the costs and benefits of the different options with your client.  

We will keep you informed all along the way during the workup and treatment of your client’s pet and at DermVet we see both first opinion and second opinion/referral cases.   If you live in the Leicester area  we can see you as a first opinion client…please go to https://leicesterskinvet.co.uk for more details.

Ringworm after treatment
Ringworm before treatment

Ringworm before and after treatment

Footpad Hyperkeratosis After Treatment
Footpad Hyperkeratosis before treatment

Footpad Hyperkeratosis in a Cat – extremely rare

Chronic Otitis After Treatment
Chronic Otitis Before Treatment

Chronic Otitis before and after treatment

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